Vibrant > Monochrome

With the sun high on our heads and the heat hitting us hard, how can we still afford to wear dark colors? Hence it is rightly said that gone are the days of dark romance, colors are the new hip and any Pakistani fashion blog will tell you this!

I’m sorry to offend all the dark color lovers right now, but let’s face it. Your favorite colors will definitely not be trending as the must-haves this year.

Even our fashion industry has started promoting soft or pastel colors for their summer collections. Whether it is the classy Gul Ahmed or the funky Khaadi, every other fashion brand has started launching bright to pastel colors for the masses, because why not? Bright colors not only save us from the heat of the scorching sun in Pakistan, they are also soothing to the eyes.

The celebrities of Pakistan, the people we all look up to, also refused to wear any dark color in the latest Lux Style Awards. The majority of the celebrities wore elegant as well as bright colors to promote them. From vibrant gowns to saturated kurta shalwars, we are seeing wild colors on the attires of our favourite celebrities.

Looking at this picture, it can be seen that Mahira Khan chose to not only wear a traditional dress but also, the purest color of all colors, white.


Here we see the beautiful Mawra Hocane in the same color as the picture above, but with a lot of funky and colorful embroidery on her dress.

Not only this, but the celebrities overseas also decided to wear a soft color in the best way in the Oscars. From your favorite Angelina Jolie to Emma Stone, everyone did not only wear the right dress but also the right color!


Why people love dark colors:

Yes, I do agree that dark colors are the chicest and the coolest colors to dress in. Also, it is considered that dark clothes never go out of style due to the constant hype of them shirts, shoes, jackets and what not. Dressing from head-to-toe in a dark color like black is the easiest way to look cool easily. The obsession is clearly visible in today’s Pakistani fashion industry.

Some of the common reasons why people wear dark colors are that the people believe that dark colors make them comfortable and look good. Half of the times, that’s not even the case. In summers, dark colors make you feel hot, like hell. Also, people believe that dark colors make them look a bit put-together, professional and mature which is true but who says that you cannot look mature in a softer color? Also, they also say that dark colors can hide stains. Well, I won’t disagree with this one.


Every color has its own story:

Just like the dark colors, every bright color tells a different story. Like yellow helps you to cheer up when you’re having a bad day while green is makes you feel calm. Orange draws attention towards you while blue is simply a peaceful color. And guess what, each of them is beautiful in their own way.


Well, even if you’re still not sure about wearing a different color than your usual, give it a try. Take the quote “Colors, the smile of nature” seriously, even if the statement sounds stupid to you and go for it! They will look good on you as much as they look good on anyone. Colorful fashion is in people!