The young generation of today doesn’t like to eat at fancy restaurants and spend fine dining money on a single night, the generation of today likes to get the best value for its buck and an environment that speaks to them and doesn’t include all sorts of people, they like to be with people who are closer to their age. This was taken under consideration by cafe’s who have now popped up in every area of every city in Karachi, but with so many cafe’s comes the task of finding the best one that you can hang out every week with a couple of friends and someplace that is affordable so you don’t come home with an empty wallet each time you visit so here’s a list of some of the best cafe’s in Karachi,

Chai Wala

Chai Wala is a one-stop chai and chilling destination. They serve a range of traditional and artisanal beverages and snacks. Their focus is not only on the quality of their products and services but equally on the provision of a relaxed, welcoming and open atmosphere that you can enjoy with your friends and hang out in a place which fits your interests, the truck art inspired decor of this place is outstanding, it has a well-adjusted ambiance with a welcoming vibe to it which goes well with any group of friends.

Chotu Chaiwala

Chotu chaiwala is situated in the middle of the metropolitan city at Bahadurabad, the open-air experience coupled with the freedom of choosing to eat or not eat is outstanding. Plus the ambiance of the place is great the wooden tables and chairs match perfectly with the theme of an old school “chai dhaba”. But for those who want a more subtle experience, there is an indoor seating place with bookshelves filled with lots of fun and entertaining books that you can help yourself to while you sip on some tea, the outside has small vendors all around where you can help yourself to all sorts of tasty dishes such as pizzas and burgers. It is a fun place to hang out or spend some time with friends

Chai Shai

Chai Shai is a well know Dhabba which is run by a characteristic sense of offering people new kinds of food items. It is an open area where people can relax and enjoy the food in the cool air. Chai Shai is now at its height because of its services and the quality food items which it serves. With mesmerizing traditional truck Art as a medium to attract people, Chai Shai Dhabba is very well painted with amazing breathtaking creativity of art. It is a perfect place for food-loving people. It an attractive area for Friends, students, and other people. The Dhabba has a wide range of food items like Paratha, tea, milkshakes, kehwa, falooda, Ice cream, Ice-creams shakes, Desserts, Sauce, Coladas, and Beverages.


D’Thaliand Karachi is brining the flavors from all around Asia under one roof, thaliland is serving all kinds of cuisine such as Indian cuisine, the beloved Chinese cuisine, and fast food. They also have a variety of pizza’s as well. their flagship item is their thali as suggested by the name. Thali is an Indian concept of a sort of platter with a variety of food items that one can choose from it is the best option when you are unable to decide on one dish. Thali provides you with an ample amount of all the flavors, their food is affordable. Their outlet has a welcoming and warm atmosphere with fun colors spread across the restaurant, with delicious food, amazing service, and an overall great experience what is there to not like about them.

Cha roti

cha roti Karachi is a chill hangout spot for the young and hip, with its outside seating and non-conventional set up, this place is for the people who don’t like to play by the rules, this place serves fast food as in burgers and sandwiches with a sideline of fries, but their most iconic dish is their parathas as they are no ordinary parathas, they are filled with the different savory fillings such as their chicken cheese paratha and fajita parathas. These guys are killing it with their shakes as well, they have oreo shakes and choco buster shake. But the must-try item in their menu is the mint margarita they serve, it tastes really good and refreshing. Their burgers are really good as well and they bring some new flavors to the table as well such as their stuffed beef burger and the ultimate burger. Their ambiance is out of this world with fairy lights surrounding the fences and an unconventional without a roof, the open-air eating experience is just beautiful they have killed it with the aesthetics. Their under the sky eating experience is perfect for a casual hangout with friends it is a place where not only you can get your food it is also a great hanging out place with your friends every day and as the. Cha roti deals and discounts provide you with the best value for the money and they don’t cop out on the quality or quantity as well.